Bamboo Seeds – Where to Buy & How to Plant Them

bamboo seeds
bamboo plant care infographic

About Bamboo Plant

Bamboo is a type of woody plant in the true grass family Poaceae, which includes bamboo and other similar plants. The word “bamboo” can also refer to the large group of plants with similar characteristics belonging to the true grass family Poaceae.

Where Can I Buy Bamboo Seeds

How to Plant Bamboo Seeds

  1. Soak the seeds in room temperature water for 24 hours to help soften the hard outer layer.
  2. After soaking, remove the seeds from the water and gently rub them with sandpaper or a nail file to scarify the outer layer. This will help the seed absorb moisture and germinate more easily.
  3. Fill a container with well-draining potting soil, leaving about an inch of space at the top.
  4. Plant the seeds about 1/4 inch deep in the soil, and cover them lightly with soil.
  5. Water the soil lightly to moisten it but avoid overwatering or making it waterlogged.
  6. Cover the container with plastic wrap to create a mini greenhouse that will help retain moisture and heat.
  7. Place the container in a warm, bright location but out of direct sunlight, such as on a windowsill or under grow lights.
  8. Check the soil regularly and water it as needed to keep it lightly moist.
  9. Once the seedlings emerge, remove the plastic wrap and continue to care for the bamboo plants by keeping the soil moist and providing them with plenty of light

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Best Soil & Container For Bamboo Seeds

The best soil for bamboo seeds is loamy soil with good drainage and aeration. The soil should be rich in nutrients and have a pH level between 5 and 7.

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Select a pot that is at least 8 inches deep and has drainage holes in the bottom.

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Temperature & Light Requirements For Bamboo Seeds

Bamboo seeds require a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius or higher to germinate.

Bamboo plants need at least 4 hours of sunlight per day to grow.


When to Plant Bamboo Seeds

Bamboo seeds are the best time to plant bamboo seeds when the soil temperature is between 20-30 degrees celsius.

The best time for planting bamboo seeds in the United States would be from March-April or October-November.

Can Bamboo Plant Grow in Water

Bamboo has a root system that allows it to grow in water. The roots of the bamboo plant are not as deep as other plants, so they are able to reach the surface of the water and take in oxygen from the air. The roots also have a lot of air pockets which allow them to breathe even when they are submerged underwater.

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Can Bamboo Plant Grow Indoors

Bamboo plants are not only able to grow indoors but also require less maintenance than other plants. They are also very easy to maintain and don’t need much water or sunlight to thrive.

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