How to Grow and Harvest Eggplant from Seed

How to Grow and Harvest Eggplant from Seed

Eggplant is originally from the Mediterranean region. It is a part of the Solanaceae family, which includes tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, and tobacco plants. It has been cultivated since ancient times and has long been associated with human health.

Eggplants tend to thrive in warm, humid conditions and need a lot of nutrients.

So it is important to have a supply of water nearby, as well as fertilizers that are all-natural and organic. Eggplants also need lots of sunlight during the day.

Most importantly, it is important to have enough space for your eggplants to grow properly without overcrowding or suffocating them.

How do eggplants grow

Eggplants have a peculiar way of growing. They grow in multiple layers and start from a tiny seed in the dirt. How does this happen?

The eggplant stem is a type of modified plant called an apical bud.

The apical bud is a part of the stem that grows around the center and eventually gets rid of its central part to create these multiple layers. It all happens when the cells divide and multiply, also known as mitosis.

How tall do eggplants grow

The length of an eggplant varies depending on the variety and the climate it is grown in.

The average height for an eggplant plant is around 75 centimeters. Eggplants can grow up to 10 feet high in some cases.

How long do eggplant plants live

Eggplant plants can live for a long time because they can grow quickly. Eggplant plants have been known to live for more than two years and they were often used by the ancient Greeks and Romans as a food source.

How to grow eggplant from seed

Growing eggplant from seed is not as difficult as it looks. There are a few simple steps you need to take when starting the process from scratch.

The first step is to get your hands on some seeds that will grow into eggplants. Once you have these, all you need to do is soak them in a bucket of water for four hours and then plant them in a pot with some soil and compost mixed together. Keep the soil moist but not too moist so they do not rot.

After about two weeks into the process, you will have a healthy-looking plant.

a bunch of eggplant

How to grow eggplant from cuttings

Eggplants are easy to grow from cuttings.

The process is simple – take a cutting and gently stick it in some potting soil, water it, and keep the soil moist.

Be sure to choose a warm spot in your home or outside for the cuttings to grow. It would take about six weeks to make sure that they have become root-bound.

How many eggplants per plant?

When it comes to how many eggplants grow on a plant, there is not a definite answer, it depends on the type of plant, size of the plant, and specific needs.

Eggplants vary in size depending on the type, but most eggplants per plant are between 5 and 10.

How to harvest eggplant

Harvesting eggplant is simple, especially if you have a bit of experience with it.

You should check for the color of the eggplants and harvest them when they are mostly purple or black or in some cases, white.

Eggplants will continue to produce seeds while being harvested if left on the plant too long. The more you wait, the more seeds are produced which will make it more difficult to cook with them later on.

The key to harvesting eggplant is taking away the stem and leaves but avoid cutting into the flesh of the vegetable along the way.

If you accidentally cut into your vegetable, just throw it in some lemon juice for about an hour to kill any bacteria that might have entered your vegetable. After that, let your fruit dry out before cleaning them up with a towel or a paper towel as needed.


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