How to Grow Cilantro Indoors

How to Grow Cilantro Indoors

Cilantro is one of those herbs that does not require much attention but still grows well in most conditions.

It can be grown indoors or outdoors and will thrive in light or dark environments. Cilantro grows best in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit

Cilantro’s growth cycle is short, taking only about a week. However, the plant takes up space and can grow up to 3 feet tall if left unchecked.

To ensure that you still have enough space for your cilantro after its growth, trim the bottom leaves off before they flower to give them less space to take up.

How to grow cilantro indoors

Cilantro plants are sensitive to light – they need about twelve hours of sunlight a day to flourish.

If you want to grow cilantro indoors, you should make sure that your pots are placed on windowsills or near southern-facing windows so they can get enough sunlight.

In addition, you should cut the plant back regularly so it doesn’t become too tall or leave too many leaves behind.

You should also make sure that there is enough air circulation around your cilantro plants, so they do not get too much moisture in them.

How to grow cilantro from seed

The cilantro seed is planted directly into the soil with the help of your fingers or a small spoon; it should be moist and covered by 1 inch of soil.

After about 4 weeks, the seed will sprout into a plant. When the plant has grown two leaves, you can harvest half of it for use in cooking while growing more plants for more meals!

One secret to growing cilantro plants easily and quickly is not to use organic material when planting them in soil. If you are just starting out with your own garden, try using a mixture of good quality potting mix and sand instead, because this will ensure that your plants grow quickly without any problems.

cilantro growing on stalk

How to grow cilantro in a pot

Growing cilantro in a pot is easier than people think. All you need is a pot with drainage, soil, and water. Even though it sounds easy, people tend to forget the essentials that are needed to make sure the plants do not drown or die from drought.

  1. Put the container where you will have access to sunlight every day
  2. Provide plenty of drainage for the soil.
  3. Add moisture-retaining ingredients like pebbles or bark chips into the soil

How to grow cilantro from cuttings

Cilantro is a popular herb that can be grown from cuttings. They can be planted in a pot, in soil, or in a hydroponics system. Cut them just above the root and place them into the water for two weeks before planting. Place cilantro in a sunny position to ensure proper growth.

When the plant gets about a foot tall, you should start giving it regular doses of fertilizer so that it will continue to grow.

How much sun for cilantro?

The sun is an essential ingredient for cilantro. When it’s not available, you can replace it with other types of light.

Cilantro grows best in bright light and does well in the shade. While it needs fair amounts of moisture to grow, the soil should be kept free from excess moisture.

Cilantro likes heat and will not tolerate extreme temperatures or humidity levels that are too low or high.

How long does it take to grow cilantro?

In general, cilantro takes around 2 weeks to grow from seed. However, most people recommend waiting at least 4 weeks before harvesting. After the flowers have bloomed, they should be cut off at the base, and then leaves should be harvested when they are about 1 inch long.

It is usually planted during March or April and harvested during August or September depending on the garden’s climate zone.


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