How to Grow & Harvest Chinese Cabbage

How to Grow & Harvest Chinese Cabbage

Growing Chinese cabbage from Seed

Prepare your potting mix by moistening it with some water. Make sure that the soil is evenly moist, but not wet. You can use a spray bottle to mist your soil until it’s moistened enough.

Place one seed in the middle of the potting mix and then cover it with an inch of soil or less. You can cover it with more dirt if you want your cabbage to grow taller, but don’t add too much or else you’ll suffocate the seed

The next step would be to sow your seeds in rows about 12 inches apart, using a spacing of six inches between individual plants. This should show the plants enough room to grow as they do not take up much space while small.

After seeding, cover the area with light compost or mulch that will serve as protection from weeds and keep the soil moist during the germination period.

What are the Best Soil Conditions for Chinese Cabbage?

You will need a well-drained, nutrient-rich soil that retains moisture. It should be loose in texture with an adequate supply of organic fertilizers. The ideal pH is between 6 and 7 – if it falls outside this range, you will need to amend it appropriately.

Growing Conditions for Chinese Cabbage Plants

A good spot for cabbage would be in the full sun or partial shade. If you are planting in late summer, then you can expect your cabbage to grow a little more slowly than if you plant it earlier on in springtime.

How long does it take to grow Chinese Cabbage?

Chinese cabbage is an annual plant that can be harvested six to ten months after seeding, depending on the type of variety and environment. But, its growing time differs due to its location and soil quality. A Chinese cabbage grown in poor soil will take more time to grow than one grown in fertile soil.

How to harvest Chinese Cabbage

The harvesting time needs to be chosen correctly so that it doesn’t get damaged by sun or rain. Generally, harvesting time should be from late autumn to early winter (from November to January). Harvesting time is different in different places.

  • Place the garden shears about 1 inch from the base of the stem and cut towards yourself.
  • When you reach the end of each stem, use your fingers to pull down on it to release it from its connection to the next stalk.
  • Continue until all stems have been harvested.


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