How to Plant Zinnia Seeds Outdoors

How to Plant Zinnia Seeds Outdoors

The zinnia plant is a flowering plant that can be found in many gardens. Zinnias are very hardy plants, and they require very little care. Their flowering season is between August and October.

Planting zinnias from seed is not that difficult.

You need a pot and soil to plant them in. Mix the soil with compost. The plants are tolerant of different levels of sun, so you can plant them almost anywhere in your garden.

How to plant zinnia seeds outdoors

When it is time to plant zinnia seeds outdoors, there are a few things you need to consider. First, you want to find a place with full sun exposure.

Zinnias grow very well in sunny areas and prefer dry soil conditions. Make sure that you plant them away from other plants that can get their leaves dirty or block sunlight from reaching the flowers.

Soak the seeds for about 12 hours before planting them. Plant the seeds at a depth of 1/4 inch and water them well. The soil needs to be kept moist for about 2-3 weeks until they start to grow sprouts above ground level (they will stay below ground level).

The optimal pH range for the plant is 5-6 on the scale of 0-14, which covers a wide range of potential types of soil that you might have on hand (most likely).

If they are not growing as quickly as you would like, then make sure that your soil temperature is warm enough for growth (about 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit).

If not, then buy a pot or raised bed with good drainage so that water will not accumulate around the roots but still offer some protection from heat and cold.

How to fertilise the zinnia plant

The zinnia plant needs to be fertilized on a regular basis.

I typically fertilize my zinnias once every 2 weeks, but you might want to experiment with your plant to see what works best. One of the best ways to fertilise your zinnia plant is by using this simple banana water trick.

You should also make sure that you do not overwater your zinnias because they can rot if they are submerged in too much water.

How to deadhead zinnia

The deadheading of the flowers is important because it prevents them from seeding and going to seed. Deadheading also keeps plants looking nice and full. Zinnia flowers usually last for about four weeks. You can deadhead them when they start to go brown and ugly.


  1. Gently pull the zinnia flower from its stem, being careful not to damage the plant or surrounding flowers.
  2. Remove any leaves that are attached to the flower stem and discard them in a compost pile or in your trash can.
  3. Cut off any remaining leaves on the plant with pruning shears, and discard them in your compost pile or trash can as well
  4. Water the zinnia plant thoroughly with water from a watering can so that it does not dry out while its flowers are gone
  5. Continue fertilizing your flowering plants with liquid fertilizer on a regular basis

How to deadhead zinnias in pots

Zinnias can be deadheaded by clipping off the flower heads. There are two ways to deadhead zinnias in pots:

  1. Cut off the flower heads with a sharp knife, pushing the blade down to cut off the stem below the flower head.
  2. Pinch off individual flowers by holding the stem close to the flower head and cutting your fingers across it.

When you pinch off flowers, always be mindful of which flowers you have already pinched and which ones you haven’t, so as not to accidentally cut more than necessary or leave any stems behind.


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