Using Banana Water For Indoor Plants?

Using Banana Water For Indoor Plants?

Benefits of Banana Water Fertilizer

Banana water is a simple organic liquid fertilizer that is made up of just bananas and water. Using banana water as a fertilizer is very beneficial for the plants because of its high Magnesium, Phosphorus, and Potassium content and allows the plant to receive rich mineral contents that will aid its growth.

Banana water is easy to make and exceptionally valuable during a plant’s flowering season as it helps to provide minerals for a larger and more vibrant bloom. It is also 100% organic and suitable for plants to be consumed.

Banana Water Fertilizer is very good in producing greater blooms.

Should You Use Banana Water Fertilizer for Indoor Plants

Despite its inherent benefits, banana water can emit an unpleasant smell as a result of the process of extracting the minerals from the banana. It is not advisable to use banana water fertilizer indoors because it may introduce unwanted odors into your house.

When using it outdoors, the smell will dissipate relatively quickly. But when indoors, the smell may linger.

Alternative to Banana Water Fertilizer

When indoors, it is more suitable to use an organic indoor fertilizer that can enrich your plant while keeping odors at bay.

Alternatively, if you are still insistent on using banana water, you can try using banana water that is soaked for only a few hours to reduce the chances of odor.


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